Darcy Schultz



Darcy Schultz

Studio Location Western Avenue Studios
Studio Number 421A
Studio Name Darcy Schultz
Biography Darcy Schultz has recently moved back to New England after spending 20 years in Portland, Oregon. A Wisconsin native, she attended the University of Wisconsin Green Bay where she self-designed a Bachelor of Arts degree combining art, psychology, and ecology. She also has minors in Art and Biology. She went on to get a Masters of Art in Art Therapy. She was a member of the Tiverton Arts Council, and has maintained a studio at Western Ave for over a year.

Darcy has been interested in both the natural world and art for as long as she can remember. She has had numerous exhibits of her abstract paintings and figure drawings in Wisconsin, Portland, and Boston. Several of her works reside in permanent collections.Recent shows include: Parrish Center for the Arts Regional Juried Art Show (1st place); Somerville Open Studios; Gallery 119 and BrushArts Gallery Benefit Auctions; A.I.R. Biennial in Brooklyn; Joint showing at Sandywoods Gallery, Tiverton.

This current body of work is a largely intuitive, emotional response to her experience as part of a wild, natural world. She uses encaustic layers for texture and a glowing quality, also to evoke as sense of time. She carves the media and add collage elements occasionally. Encaustic literally means “to burn in.” This natural paint medium is heated Damar (tree) resin and beeswax, sometimes combined with pigments. When “burned in,” this results in an permanent finish which will weather well in all but direct heat and sunlight. It was used in ancient Greece for sarcophagi.

Darcy is interested in representing human expression in relationship to elemental forces of nature and landscape. Her daytime work as an art therapist and counselor fuels her creativity. Darcy's work has often also incorporated her poetry, as seen here in the encaustic monotype prints.

Her work is informed by intrigue with a sense of place, the body as natural landscape, and the expression of human potential.
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Medium Encaustics