Competing in the Arts

Entering art competitions can help you build up a portfolio which can then be sold at auction or for private sale. They are an excellent way to break into the art market and help your work stand out from the crowd.

Art competitions are a great way for the less-established artist to get an entry point to a much-restricted market. They can sometimes be a bit of a chore to enter but the rewards can be huge and the opportunity for the “underdog” to shine far outweighs the hassle involved.

All entry fees to the competition are usually paid in advance. It is always good practice to pay for your entry fees before hand so that you don’t find yourself in a position where you have to pay for them afterwards. The good news is that many contests also offer a prize draw which may bring you a little extra cash. The beauty of entry fees is that you don’t have to pay for any extras.

The key to winning is to stand out from the crowd. Many artists have their own individual style or signature style and this is something to strive to achieve so that your work can show your personality.

There are a number of different types of art competitions available including both local and international competitions. Local competitions tend to be open to local artists while international competitions are often open to all artists in the UK, USA and Australia.

In order to win prizes in art competitions, it is essential to create original pieces of artwork that showcase your talent. If you have an existing portfolio to draw on, then this will make it easier for you to demonstrate to judges your ability to create new works of art.

Winning art competitions will provide you with the experience you need to move forward in the art market. These competitions will give you an opportunity to network with other artists and create contacts who can help to promote your work further.

As you can see, entering art competitions can be very beneficial and will open up doors to a much wider audience than you could ever dream of. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your name known and to show your talent.

A word of warning though before you enter any art competition: some of these competitions are just plain unfair. There is nothing wrong with being a bit picky about the artists you take on.

Some art competitions will require entry fees to get onto their lists of eligible artists, so it is important to make sure you understand these rules before you even enter the competition. Also remember that some art competitions only accept entries from local artists so check this first and see if they are able to contact you or your local artist’s gallery.

Most artists do not like to leave anything to chance so you will need to show them that you are serious about drawing the winning drawings. You can do this by preparing carefully and giving them ideas for what you are drawing.

A drawing with a specific theme or a particular subject is a great way to show that you care and have something unique to draw. Show them that you are serious about drawing something that shows off your talent in the best possible light.

You can also consider buying some sample books and sending copies to the judges who may be more willing to buy your work if you have done so yourself.