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Stock Graphic Design – Learn How to Use it to Your Advantage

Whether you’re in the entertainment business or you are a web designer, one thing that is necessary for you to have at your disposal is good stock graphic design. Stock graphic design like that available at Graphstock can give you everything from simple designs to spectacular ones, and if done correctly, it can make your

Charcoal Artistry

Drawing with charcoal is quite popular as a medium which can produce versatile and interesting works of abstract art. Whether you’re new to this exciting art form or exploring other media, drawing with charcoal has the potential to take time to learn, but will in… Read More »Charcoal Artistry

Competing in the Arts

Entering art competitions can help you build up a portfolio which can then be sold at auction or for private sale. They are an excellent way to break into the art market and help your work stand out from the crowd. Art competitions are a… Read More »Competing in the Arts

Can Art be Defined?

If you ask the average person what is art, you will most likely hear that it is simply a piece of art that is displayed in a gallery. Some people would argue that this definition of art is too broad and may leave out some… Read More »Can Art be Defined?

Painting at a Glance

While painting and art do come naturally to some more than others, the key requirements for learning how to paint are passion and determination. By all means go for painting courses at local colleges and schools, but take it a step further and consider how… Read More »Painting at a Glance